Iraqi forces liberate last ISIS held city in Iraq, Al Qaim

Iraqi Golden Division in central Al Qaim after defeating ISIS this afternoon (3rd November 2017)

Today Iraqi forces launched a four axis offensive on Al Qaim city on the Iraqi/Syrian border. The operation started from dawn until just past lunch time. Iraqi forces advanced to cut ISIS forces from the Syrian border first, capturing the crossing and the areas around it preventing ISIS reinforcements from Albu Kamal from entering. Forces then attacked from the eastern side of the city taking the Sadaa neighbourhood. ISIS fighters in Al Qaim city were low in numbers after trying to delay operations on the outskirts of the city. However due to the desert terrain the raids and defensive maneuvers ISIS employed could not stop the large armored Iraqi force from nearing the city and pushing through ISIS earthen berms set around the city to defend it.

Iraqi force prepared for several days around the city to launch a large scale simultaneous operation from all sides. This led to the day time capture at 1pm today of the city. Iraqi forces are currently clearing the city for explosive devices and garrisoning forces at the city. Agreements with the Syrian government have allowed Iraqi forces to enter Syria should ISIS attack from Albu Kamal. Iraqi Air Force has previously struck ISIS targets in Albu Kamal with the 9th Panther F16 squadron.


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