Kurdish Peshmerga use Iraqi flags on their position to ambush Iraqi unit, executing 2 of them

Saleem Huawaidi Matarood & Hussam Faruq Ahmed al-Bawi; two executed Iraqi soldiers

On a livestream publicly to Facebook, a Peshmerga soldier proudly shows 20 Iraqi soldiers being shuffled into a utility vehicle. The Kurdish Peshmerga of Barzani’s KDP had put up Iraqi flags on their checkpoint slated to be handed over to the Iraqi government as part of Makhmour district agreements. Additionally, Kurdish vehicles were displayed Iraqi flags all in an attempt to ambush the Iraqi unit approaching. The small Iraqi unit was not anticipating any violence as they were told the checkpoint in Makhmour would be handed over as per agreements between the Iraqi government and the Kurdish Regional government. However upon arrival to the checkpoint the Peshmerga surrounded Iraqi troops and ushered them into vehicles after taking all food, supplies, ammunitions and their vehicles.

Peshmerga livestream showing Iraqi flag put on checkpoint to ambush Iraqi unit
Peshmerga livestream showing Kurdish Humvees used in ambush, Iraqi flag was placed on top to deceive Iraqi troops


Iraqi flag visible on Kurdish Humvee used in the ambush on Iraqi troops

Iraqi government demanded the release of the prisoners and the Peshmerga command came down on the local garrison making them release the Iraqi troops, all but two of them. They were executed in cold blood after being separated from the other group. There was strictly zero shooting between the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga, the Iraqi troops were a small unit set to take control of a checkpoint and had repeatedly said on the Peshmerga livestream “We are just here to do our job at the checkpoint”.

Shocking video was released after the livestream has ended with Kurdish Peshmerga mocking the two dead Iraqi troops. Repeatedly saying “Hey how are you” to the corpses. The Peshmerga continued in the video by stripping off their uniform and continually asked the corpses “How are you Hassan, well?” as well as cursing them. The gruesome footage was in the same location as the livestream and the soldiers identities have been verified. The bodies of the soldiers have yet to be returned to the Iraqi government and families are seeking their swift return for burial. Both Saleem and Hussam were executed because they had a verbal argument with the Kurdish Peshmerga who used Iraqi flags to deceive the unit and capture them. The ruse de guerre tactic is prohibited under Article 23 of the Hague Convention IV of which Iraq is a signatory. 

Saleem Huawaidi Matarood & Hussam Faruq Ahmed al-Bawi; two executed Iraqi soldiers


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