Footage of Saudi Patriot missile failure, hits capital city Riyadh

The Saudi Arabian air defense was on high alert as the Yemeni forces launched 3 Ballistic missiles, with a range of over 1100km, reaching...
Reverse Video Search to verify and check information in news articles.

Tackling fake news with new reverse video search

Throughout the world, especially conflict zones, there is a drive to push a particular agenda. Partisan journalism has led to fabricated. misleading and outright...
Russian crews load Iraqi T90 tanks for delivery to Basra's Um Qasr Port

Russia sends first batch of T90 tanks to Iraq

The advance T90 battle tanks were ordered in a 2014 deal between Iraq and Russia. The Uralvagonzavod company has upgraded the initial order to...

Thought to be extinct brown bear makes an appearance in Iraq

Despite the general perception that the Iraqi bear population was next to nothing, a well grown brown bear made a big appearance in the...
Syrian backed forces showing the Igla SA-18 MANPAD launcher captured from the Kurdish YPG

Kurdish YPG SA-18 Igla MANPAD captured by Turkish backed forces

Highly sought after MANPAD equipment has been almost entirely off the table when it came to the Syrian civil war in fear that civilian...

Footage of Russian Su-27 fighter jets dangerously intercepting US spy plane

Russian Air force intercepted a US spy plane going towards Russian airspace yesterday. Russian Su-27 jets flew only 5 feet from the US spy...

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