Iraqi Flag raised in key border town between Syria and Turkey after KDP Peshmerga withdraw

Residents of Faysh Khabor take shelter in Churches where NGOs are distributing aid and shelter as the city faced clashes.

Today the Iraqi flag was raised in the township of Faysh Khabor as well as the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing which was previously held by the KDP Barzani Peshmerga. The town has called for Iraqi Federal forces citing issues with the Kurdish Peshmerga, not representing the towns Assyrian background and otherwise increasing tensions for the townspeople with the introduction of Syrian, Iranian and Turkish Kurdish fighters. The raising of the Iraqi flag today was after several days of negotiations after clashes in which the Peshmerga tried to reign in foreign Kurdish fighters from attacking Iraqi Federal forces which are mandated to control the border. No power-sharing agreements were formed as some media have reported, borders are completely under the authority of the Federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government has agreed to reign in foreign Kurdish fighters which have instigated clashes between the Iraqi Federal forces and Kurdish Peshmerga.

This comes as part of a broader deal where the Kurdistan Region of Iraq will hand over border entry points to the Federal government to ensure entry into Iraq is regulated by the Central government which according to the Constitution is the sole arbiter of foreign entries into the state. Tensions are expected to decrease considerably after Federal forces take control of border posts and Kurdish citizens are eagerly awaiting salaries to be paid by the Federal government after 3 years of neglect from the Kurdistan Regional Government which has widely been seen as a corrupt entity with no transparency on the oil production and wealth. Many Kurdish residents accuse the Barzani family that rules the KRG of stealing funds, with salaries missed and backlogs extending many months for public servants. This renewed hope for salaries and stable economy has come near the time that ISIS ends it’s territorial chapter in Iraq.


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