US President Trump doesn’t want immigrants from ‘shithole countries’ like ‘Africa’ and ‘Haiti’, instead wants Norwegians

Racist in Chief?
Racist in Chief?

US President Donald Trump has gone on record in stating “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” while talking about immigrants from both Haiti and the Africa continent. Trump made these remarks while discussing with legislators about immigration protection. Instead of Haitians and Africans the president said “We (US) should accept more immigrants from places like Norway”.

With the recent tide on racism against blacks by clothing store H&M it is a sore spot for many to hear days after that the President of the US making remarks against dark-skinned countries in favor of traditionally white countries such as Norway.

Trump previously insulted immigrants from Haiti, claiming that they “have AIDS,” and stated that Nigerians couldn’t be relied on to “go back to their huts” after seeing what it is like in the US.


  1. President Trump should not use that kind of language in office. He should resign for that kind of behavior for saying it in front of millions of Americans who watch him on TV.The White House may or should have rules for that type of behavior in office for a setting president. Donald Trump is now the first U.S. president in U.S. history ever to use that kind of language in office.


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